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Why and How To Get a
Mortgage Pre-Approval

  • Here at BCforeclosures.com our team works with the top producers at dominion ledning who have access to the most banks in Canada. Our team has all the tools available to get you started on your next investment. There is no obligation so please feel free to contact us today to get the ball rolling.
  • If you don't have a pre-approval certificate in-hand, and ready to include with your offer to buy, you may be blown-out of the water by another buyer who has been pre-approved by their lender.
  • Don't let this happen! Get your pre-approval certificate in-hand NOW, and have the peace-of-mind in knowing that you do qualify when the opportunity to buy your dream home at  a reduced price comes along!
To get a pre-approval certificate, it does not cost you anything!
Your Mortgage Pre-Approval Certificate By Phone!
  • Remember the piece-of-mind and confidence you will have when you know you have been pre-approved to buy the home of your dreams, and the hassle you will avoid by not  having to deal with tedious process of getting a loan using the "traditional" loan application process.
It takes one simple First Step to get your Free Pre-Approval

Call Garry today to get your pre approval started! 604-789-2140